On the job!

Skills Summary

Responsible for blueprint interpretation and appropriate application to work projects. Material take off.  Hire, train, and evaluate work force as required. Supervise various levels of staff assigned to a variety of shifts. Develop and implement manpower allocations to meet wide variety of project needs. Quality control training, development and practical application.

Education and related training

North California Ironworker’s Apprenticeship 1988

Weld certifications, D1.1 FCAW, GMAW-D1.4 FCAW-D1.5 FCAW 1991 thru 2008

Leadership Seminar 2009


Mohawk Metal Co.

Shop Foreman in city of Vancouver during July 2013 to Jan.2015

Responsible for all metal processing in a job shop including Laser cutting, forming, robotic welding and metal fabrication. Duties also included job scheduling, production management, hiring, training, job cost analysis, safety and quality control.

Fabrication Foreman in city of Eugene during Feb. 2009 to July 2013

Responsible for all metal fabrication operations in a job shop. Labor force of up to 70 employees working across three shifts. Types of work included bridges, commercial building structural steel, veneer dryers, log mill equipment, installation and architectural fabrication.

Ecklund Industries (Farwest Steel)

Journeyman Fitter-Welder in the city of Eugene during Sept. 1991 to Feb. 2009

Experience includes a series of increasingly complex assignments with responsibility for large and small fabrication projects working with one to ten employees providing organization, supervision, training, and quality assurance.